Little Hands 

Manos Pequeñas

Helping the children of today, for hopes of a brighter tomorrow! 

Overseeing TOAC Committee

Since the beginning of operations, Little Hands has been blessed to operate under a committee of dedicated volunteers, who devote their time and resources, offering advice and counsel to Little Hands when it comes to operations, building plans, and preparation for the future.

Below are some of the members of the Tecate Orphanage Advisory Committee, otherwise known as "TOAC":

Frank Vidakovics

As a First Generation American, born into a large family in Ohio, becoming a Follower of Christ in 2006; Frank has a deep appreciation for family and the need to be a father to the fatherless. 

Frank's professional career has taken him from Ohio to NYC to Colorado. Frank is currently a Vice President of Investments in Monument, Colorado where he helps money managers with their specific income needs.  

Frank has served on multiple boards since 2006 and is currently the Chairman for the Mexico Support Committee.

Frank has been married to his supportive wife, Miriam since 2010 and they have been blessed with 3 beautiful children.

Sam Szarka

Born to Hungarian immigrants, Sam lived and grew up in San Diego, California. After his family relocated to Colorado Springs he graduated from a local university with an engineering degree and gave his life to Christ. Sam lives with his two children and his wife Marti in Colorado Springs and attends the ACCN church there.

Jonathan Kurtz  

Born and raised in New Jersey until the age of 15 when his family moved to Canada. Jonathan surrendered his life to Jesus Christ when he was 17. In 2013 he graduated with an engineering degree in Mechatronics. During several mission trips to Mexico, he met his wife, Melody, who had grown up on the mission field.  They now live in Ontario, Canada, and are thankful when they are able to go back to Mexico to support the mission in whatever ways they can.