Little Hands 

Manos Pequeñas

Helping the children of today, for hopes of a brighter tomorrow! 

Meet the Family

Daniel and Natasha- Directors

Daniel and Natasha are the directors of this mission. Their goal and focus will continually be to make sure it runs with Christ at the centre. No matter what battles have passed and what lies ahead for the Little Hands, it is their desire to be used completely for the furtherance of the mission, and for the servitude of each child and caregiver. It is their hope that, with the Lord's help, every person that steps through these gates will be pointed to Jesus by what takes place within these walls.

Rebecca- Caregiver

Rebecca has a true love for children and could always be seen cuddling and caring for the babies of friends and relatives before she ever came to Little Hands. Now, she uses the passion that the Lord gave her to care for the least of these little ones in her small home at Little Hands, where she has had up to 3 babies at a time, and loves over them as Christ would have her to do. She also enjoys music, and loves to play the piano. We are grateful she has put her talents to use even in the local church, and been a blessing to us all! One day she hopes to teach some of the Little Hands' children how to worship the Lord through musical instruments as well as their voices.

Jonathan and Carla- Caregivers

Jonathan and Carla are a dynamic husband and wife team who share the desire to impress Christ upon the hearts of each young child who comes through their doors. They have transformed young hearts with God' help, and taught their children to have a close prayer relationship with the Lord. They have experience in working with the children in local shelters, and are hoping this time interacting with our children one-on-one would leave a lasting impression on each heart. It is their desire that no child would be lost, or left to their own devices, but rather that each would learn the love of a parent, ultimately, the Love of the Heavenly Father! Here they are pictured with their daughters, Valeria and Mia.