Little Hands 

Manos Pequeñas

Helping the children of today, for hopes of a brighter tomorrow! 

Meet the Family

Jesus Alvarez- Director

Cell: 011 521 665 101 1827

Jesus Joined Little Hands as a director in November of 2019. He has been enjoying his role, especially when it comes to projects and work-teams. Jesus loves working with his hands on all the new projects, learning new skills from handymen that come to visit, and practicing his English vocabulary with each of these teams.

It is Jesus's desire for the mission to continue to grow and flourish, and he hopes to continue to help in any way possible to make this happen.

Natasha Cervantes- North American Contact

Cell: 011 521 665 127 0786

This mission started out as a dream for Natasha and her husband Daniel, but God alone made it a reality.

Throughout the first few years of operations, Daniel and Natasha were both caregivers and directors of this mission. However, since the addition of their little daughter, Daniel has passed on his role to Jesus. Natasha continues on in her role as an administrator, with hopes of being part of this ministry for years to come. Natasha cherishes every moment working with the children, and misses all those who once called Little Hands home. It is her hope that many more can come, and be changed by the Lord's hand!

Both Daniel and Natasha are so grateful to the Lord for all He has done and blessed Little Hands with, and all the people He has put in place to bring Little Hands to where they are today. Without Christ's body coming together in support, none of this would be possible and truly, the children who have come through these doors can attest to this, and to the great blessing of the Church family!

Andrea Alvarez- Local Administrator

Andrea, daughter of Jesus Alvarez, is a pediatric dentist in Tecate who has always had a passion for working with children. After giving her life to the Lord, she realized she wanted to expand her vision to reach more than just their mouths, but their hearts.

Andrea is now actively doing the bookwork for Little Hands, and making sure Natasha and Jesus have the finances up to date as well as the DIF requirements.

The Quinonez Family 

(Julieta, Juan Carlos, and their daughters Esmirna and Eli) have been helping at Little Hands for years. They first started in offering relief care on the weekends for the caregivers but now have moved on as full-time caregivers! Juan Carlos takes care of the property, and Julieta and her daughter Esmirna care for the boys of Little Hands. The Quinonez Family love all aspects of working with the children.

Juan Carlos (Property Maintenance) Tel 011 521 665-108-6168

Juan Carlos enjoys teaching the boys good work ethics as they join him in many of his pursuits around the yard and the property. These young men enjoy a good day's work, and can often be found helping him clean up the yard, feed the animals, and carry the garbage out to the pick-up truck. 

Julieta (Caregiver), the family cook, enjoys her time in the kitchen, especially when her food is greeted by excited exclamations of "WOW" and "How delicious". As her friends will attest, she is a great cook and can whip up all the classic Mexican dishes. The children make her feel even more special as they delight in what they eat!

Esmirna (Caregiver) really loves to draw with the kids, and she has her certification to teach, which has come in very handy in helping get them to where they are supposed to be in school. Each day, hours are spent on homework, and improving their skills with study. However, she makes sure to break up the routine with various crafts, and loves how the children make her feel like the best artist in the world (although she will attest, she knows she is far from it). Life is just always so much more enjoyable through the eyes of these kids.

Leah - Primary Caregiver

Leah, originally from Denver, has a true heart of service and love for the children. She has put a hold on her nursing career to join us here in ministering to the children at Little Hands, and is currently the caregiver of 3 little girls.

Leah really enjoys teaching the children to praise the Lord with song and worship. She enjoys singing with them as she plays the piano, teaching them valuable life lessons through reading, and taking them outside to play and hike in the beautiful Mexican climate (mostly year-round).

Leah has a desire to truly show these children the beauty of life that God has gifted to each of us, and to live it to it's fullest, as tomorrow may not be promised, but we have TODAY!

Christina Greeninger- Relief Caregiver

Christina, along with her family have been coming to Tecate Mexico for over a decade now every summer to help with the Church's vacation Bible School. Over time and through prayer Christina realized that God was calling her to work with the orphans. Psalm 10:14 states "Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand: the poor committeth himself unto thee; thou art the helper of the fatherless" When Manos Peqeños opened up Christina knew that God was calling her to serve there in some aspect, she just didn't know exactly how yet. After starting her job as a registered nurse in 2015, she quickly realized that the flexibility of her job and only having to work 3 days a week would allow her to provide relief care to the children at the orphanage. Christina hopes to lead these young souls to Christ through example and has a desire to show them how a Godly home should be run. In her free time Christina enjoys being outdoors, hiking, running, spending time in nature and with her family (eating and laughing :) It is Christina's desire that God would work mightily through her and that His hand would guide and protect these little ones.

Milana Goodrich- Relief Caregiver

Milana first experienced Little Hands on a work-team in 2018, in which she came to help Natasha with the kids while the men repaired the existing roofs. Milana then fell in love with the children and has been back multiple times since then to help in whatever capacity she can.

Milana is currently finishing up her education to become a Paramedic and Firefighter. On her breaks, she can be found here, in Mexico, enjoying more activities with the children at the home. Her favorite memories with the children of MP have been hearing their heart-felt prayers as they attest to what the Lord has done in their lives, seeing them changed by Jesus every time she comes back, and of course, she will always remember her first water-balloon fight with them, as she lost due to being completely outnumbered. Milana carries these memories with her when she returns home, and continues to come back for more. She has the dream of one day becoming a Primary Caregiver at MP, and the hopes of working with every little heart that God places in her care.

Amara and Glenn Bozic- Relief Caregivers

Amara first came to Little Hands in 2019 to relieve one of the homes. Due to unpredictable circumstances, she ended up taking over one of the caregiver dwellings for 3 months and fell in love with the children. Her favorite experience at the Home was hiking up the mountain with the children, and seeing them overcome their fear of the unknown as they climbed. To her, it seemed to resemble much of their life, and she was so blessed to be able to be a part of it with them! 

Now Amara is enjoying married life, and her and Glenn look forward to coming out to relieve the caretakers, and enjoy the Mexican culture together. In their spare time, they enjoy campfires, sports, playing instruments,  and group games. They hope to share their love of Jesus to the children when they come, as well as teach them the other simple pleasures that can be enjoyed.

Annie Kuzmanovic- Administrative Assistant

Annie was born and raised in California. She was asked to help with monthly donor updates once Natasha took maternity leave for her third child. Annie has flourished in this role, and has already been such a blessing to the MP/ LH family.

Jared Zarkovacki- Administrative Assistant

Jared was born and raised in Colorado Springs. He was asked to help with social media updates once Natasha took maternity leave for her third child. He has visited Tecate on a few work-trips and loved every second of being there! He was baptized at the age of 17, loves church, and in his free time likes to play volleyball, hike, and practice piano. Jared has a willingness to get more involved and help in Tecate in any way he can.