Little Hands 

Manos Pequeñas

Helping the children of today, for hopes of a brighter tomorrow! 


Bethesda (translated: house of mercy) is a story in the Bible that holds a place in our hearts. The Bethesda of the Bible was a pool which supplied healing once an angel stirred its waters. The crippled, maimed, blind, and all the infirm gathered here; they gathered for a chance to dip in the water, and be healed. It is our prayer that each child who enters into our "house of mercy" will also receive this healing, both spiritually and physically. 

Mexico lacks a government-run foster system. Due to this, the impoverish, abused, and neglected children resort to the streets for a solace that will never come. Mexico City alone has over 25 000 homeless children! Although these children seek peace and rest, they quickly realize only hunger and the cruel hands of society await them. Many resort to petty theft and prostitution for survival. Along with that, in an effort to numb and temporarily escape their physical and emotional pains, many of these children turn to inhalants which  cause terrible long-term effects to their brains and bodies. 

The story appears as though it has no happy ending... Yet there's hope! It is our mission to eradicate the pains life has dealt these children by providing for them, one child at a time. May God bless our efforts, and richly bless any willing hearts and hands that aid us in this ministry physically or through prayer!

Please help us to provide for these children TODAY in hopes for a better future TOMORROW